Tiny child mistakes broken water heater for a robot

Humans are suckers when it comes to anthropomorphizing and, subsequently, caring for robots. Some of us want to love robots so badly that we wind up shedding tears over a hunk of metal that went hurtling through space millions of miles away. But love is messy and blind, and so often we look past a […]

Lego is starting a “safe” social network for children

BRICKING NEWS Lego is starting a “safe” social network for children Parents hoping for something safer than Instagram, take solace: Lego has introduced a social network for under 13s which does not allow kids to upload human photos or write snarky and/or inappropriate comments. LegoLife, as the network is called, has some Instagram-like features, including […]

Apple Wants to Teach Your Kids How to Code for Free

While Elon Musk is racing for Mars, there’s another race happening in school systems around the world: the race to integrate computer science into their curriculum. There are currently over 517,000 computer science jobs on the market, which is projected to grow at twice the rate of other jobs. Meanwhile, only 42,969 computer science students […]

Kid Obliterating His Rugby Opponents Is An Absolute Monster

Is it really a stiff arm anymore if you’re just throwing kids to the floor like ragdolls? Because that’s what this kid in Australia is doing to his poor opponents. This article originally appeared at: http://digg.com/video/rugby-kid-somebody-stop-him?utm_medium=email&utm_source=digg