I loved the movie the 5th Element and thought the diva song was epic! Always wondered if there was anyone out there who could sing it seeing on how parts of it were digitally created and not something that was sung by a live performer, at least not the crazy high parts. You can tell they are digitally tuned. Jane Zhang managed those parts quite nicely in this recent performance of the song.

In the original movie, “The Voice” Belongs to an Albanian opera singer named Inva Mula Tchako. The title of this aria or peace she is singing is called Il Dolce Suono. They ONLY edited the part where the pitches changes (towards the end, because a human voice can’t change pitches that fast). But those high notes you’re hearing are definitely reachable for soprano singers like Inva! Ma├»wenn the actress only lip synced it!

Upon further research though, there are quite a few people who have attempted the song. I’ve curated a few for your viewing pleasure. Let me know which one you like the best. I still like the original…

This video shows Inva performing in front of a greenscreen for the movie.

Here’s the original scene from the movie.

This incredible young talent sings the song for the Armenian TV version of “the Voice” blind editions!

Evgenia Laguna performing the Diva Song from Fifth Element

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