I’ve been sharing the above photo from the University of Michigan for over 4 years. 

Dozens have people have said that it’s impossible and tried to explain efficiency. What they don’t know is that solar costs have fallen over 90% in the past decade and are much more efficient. 

And sure enough, the panels are now out commercially, much more efficient that the demos and getting better. 

Interview with Ubiquitous Energy (http://www.ubiquitous.energy/). They have developed the world’s first truly transparent solar technology. ClearView Power transmits visible light and selectively absorbs non-visible light converting it to electricity. It can achieve power conversion efficiencies over 10% while maintaining up to 90% visible transparency. This is solar like you’ve never seen it. Filmed at the http://www.IDTechEx.com USA 2016 event in Santa Clara California.

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