Just read about this on Facebook. Most of the posts were from people with something to say about Cuba politics, the Obama administration, politics and axes they have been grinding for decades. 

For capitalist who think there’s a market where there’s open trade, we should be happy. And on a human scale, I’d think it’s pretty easy to see that the US hasn’t brought down Cuba’s govenment, and despite any faults, they are apt to grow with us more than against us. 

Viva free trade!

It’s the first time in five decades.

The United States and Cuba have come to an agreement to establish direct postal service between the two countries for the first in five decades, Cuban officials said today.

The plan, while a pilot program, is expected to begin in the coming weeks, Cuban officials who met with U.S. officials in Miami said in a statement. It will allow both counties to send and receive mail and packages, something that had not occurred since the break of diplomatic relations more than 50 years ago.

Discussions on technical and operations are still ongoing and must be completed prior to full implementation.

Diplomatic ties between the United States and Cuba were restored nearly a year ago, on Dec. 17. President Obama and President Raul Castro announced a renewal of relations with a prisoner exchange that included the release of USAID contractor Alan Gross

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