I am honored to be included in Tenfold’s Top 100 Marketing Influencers Today list.

Currently, if someone was interested in answering the question of, “who are the top marketing influencers today?” they’d have an extraordinarily difficult time coming up with an accurate picture. 

Googling this question brings up a number of results. Some from Hubspot, Salesforce, Forbes, and other respectable outlets; however each of them suffers from a singular issue. 

None are organized in any discernible way. They simply tell the readers that their list is the most comprehensive group of marketing influencers, and that their rankings are the ultimate rundown of who to follow. However, in today’s hyper-data driven world, that’s no longer acceptable. Consumers have grown hungrier for proof, as they’re no longer willing to accept a list from a reputable source with no rhyme or reason to how it was compiled; and as consumers ourselves, we were struck with the same problems. 

This question ultimately lead us to create our own Top 100 Marketing Influencers list, which is ranked carefully by the same set of metrics across the board.

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