Panoramas gone wrong

Thanks to the Verge and Reddit user MalletsDarker for bringing a chuckle to my Friday. I wouldn’t call this Mountain Giant “Sasquatch,” but it definitely is a rare sighting. Image technology does offer us many beautiful moments, and occasionally, some funny distorted ones too.  And sometimes, they give us superpowers. He’s just invisible, that’s all […]

Louisville leading the way with a Smart City API

A smart move for a smart city.  Citizens can access data about air quality more here. IFTTT offers easy integration with apps, saying:  Manage your connection with Louisville, Ky using Smart Louisville Applets that empower your daily data-driven life. An official digital service by Louisville Metro Government. Louisville, Kentucky has a storied history. Founded in […]

Disney I Creating Content for Snapchat

In Snapchat’s latest deal with a major U.S. media company. Financial terms were not disclosed.  Snap, which is preparing for next year’s initial public offering, has signed a variety of advertising and content agreements this year with Viacom, Comcast’s NBCUniversal and Time Warner Inc’s Turner Broadcasting System Inc. Media companies such as Disney partner with […]

It’s Like Uber for Tractors, and It Could Change the Game for African Farmers

It’Three minutes into my conversation with Jehiel Oliver, CEO of Hello Tractor, the line goes dead. When I call back, he’s already laughing. “Welcome to West African communication,” he said. “That’ll happen three more times during this call.” He’s right (the third time, thankfully, is the charm), but the difficulty drives home only one of […]

Uru finds the best places to introduce ads in online videos

New York City-based startup Uru is working on a new way for video publishers to make money. Imagine watching a normal-looking online video — except that on some of the surfaces (say, on the cabinet behind the stars of a cooking video), you’ll see logos or other art promoting a sponsor. Okay, that might actually […]

14th @ Irving: NYC Tech Community’s Home in Union Square

Until now, New York City’s technology community has led a nomadic existence—meetups in startup lounges strewn with pizza, incubators operating out of empty corporate cubicles. There were opportunities to learn, make connections, and find work, but they were often hidden in the gated warrens of “Silicon Alley,” a loose term for the corridor connecting the […]

Watch NASA launch a rocket full of satellites into orbit from the belly of a plane

Today, NASA will attempt to launch eight small satellites to space on board a Pegasus XL rocket, manufactured by private spaceflight company Orbital ATK. Called the CYGNSS mission, the probes are meant to study various aspects of tropical storms and hurricanes from orbit, in order to help scientists better understand how these cyclones form. But […]