Amazon Is Giving Away 8,000 Free Bananas a Day

Amazon has been rewarded by shareholders in recent years for dramatically diversifying its business, into everything from cloud software to voice-activated home assistants. And according to the Wall Street Journal, the company may have stumbled on its most popular product yet: free bananas. The company opened its first Community Banana Stand in late 2015, and […]

Need a Creativity Boost? Go For A Walk

What’s better? Working harder or working smarter? I’d vote for the latter, and with more creative thinking, you may be able to find better solutions and do just that. A new Stanford University study reveals the best prescription to stimulate creativity: walking.  Safer than nootropics and better for your overall health, walking outperforms other mental […]

The Fastest Way to Calm Down? Breathe.

Just “breathe” we tell ourself and our loved ones when we’re facing stress and trauma. Now scientists can explain why deep breaths with long exhalations actually quell anxiety.  In a paper published in Science, researchers led by Mark Krasnow, a professor of biochemistry at Stanford University, found that in mice, a group of nerves in […]

Scientists Develop The First Biological Pacemaker From Stem Cells

These stem cells activate electrical impulses that trigger the contraction of the heart! Custom engineered health is quickly becoming a reality where scientists take your own stem cells from one area of the body and then reintroduce them to another area of your body where they have stopped working or were destroyed (for example, […]

The oldest working nurse in the United States turns 90 and celebrates 60 years of nursing

Florence “SeeSee” Rigney is an operating room nurse in Tacoma, WA. She celebrated her 90th birthday last year with coworkers, who honored her 60+ years of nursing.  SeSee hasn’t changed stations since 1946, when she began her career. “She always knew she wanted to be a nurse,” explained Sheri Morris, assistant nurse manager, in a […]

What’s In A Beard: Study Combs Through The Bacteria On Your Face

Whether you’re a hipster or a Hasid, a lumberjack or a Luigi, you’ve probably wondered whether facial hair—be it your own, or someone else’s—is clean. And while the answer depends largely on whether the owner of said beard or”stache sticks to the basic rules of hygiene, two recent studies suggest that beards tend to harbor […]

Lift Life: One Athlete’s Selfless Gift To His School

When a teen lifter was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, he had the opportunity to make a wish come true. He used it to give back to his school and community and build his own legacy of iron! This article originally appeared at:

Nothing Says ‘Hip’ Like Ancient Wheat

i An illustration shows spikes of different types of wheat: (1) Polish wheat (2) Club wheat (3) Common bread wheat (4) Poulard wheat (5) Durum wheat (6) Spelt (7) Emmer (8) Einkorn. The Library of Congress/Flickr The Commons hide caption Forget bold stripes and mule flats — could the next big fad be super-old wheat? Consumer […]