Yeah, yeah, we’ll work on the nasty stuff about bombs -but we ain’t doing no backdoors

Big Tech has told the UK government it will do more to remove extremist content from their networks, but has refused to offer concessions on encryption. Following a meeting between Britain’s Home Secretary Amber Rudd and communication service providers, called in the aftermath of the murders in Westminster, senior executives from Facebook, Google, Microsoft and […]

Paris Hilton Shines in SodaStream’s April Fools’ Prank

Among the many branded April Fools’ Day pranks that have already rolled out this year, SodaStream’s campaign with Paris Hilton deserves a special shoutout. Hilton stars in the fake video below for something called the NanoDrop, a fictitious sparkling-water product that claims to be 5,000 times more hydrating than regular water. Paris, who is very […]

Move over drones, now there are jets! – E-Flite Convergence VTOL

Looking for versatility with your next RC flight? Then the E-Flite Convergence VTOL for you! The E-Flite Convergence VTOL (vertical take off and landing) was fun and exciting to fly. We were impressed by several of the features it includes such as the auto level capability, the ease of transitioning from stability mode to acro […]

NBCUniversal Makes Snap an Official Home for 2018 Winter Games Content

Oh, Snap! Advertisers will dole out Olympic-worthy geofilters and lenses with the official blessing of NBCUniversal and Snap, Inc. in the upcoming Winter 2018 Olympic games, hosted in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The deal will allow Snapchat to share clips of NBC’s Olympics content in a live story that will also feature user content. Also, Snapchat […]

Returning the Sense of Touch to Amputees Via Plastic Skin

Modern prosthetics enable millions of amputees to pick up an apple, but the sensation of holding that apple is still missing. Stanford chemical engineer Zhenan Bao has set out with a team of researchers to develop a new “skin” that could imitate skin’s nerve sensors. Bao’s skin would allow amputees to feel and move at […]

Hardlight VR Suit adds vibration for more realistic gameplay

This vest contains multiple vibrational elements and can add an extra kick as you play VR games. It has 16 vibrational nodes and haptic sensors and is completely sweat proof so you can work up a lather kicking alien butt. Is this taking things too far? If you are killing a zombie or person in […]