Returning the Sense of Touch to Amputees Via Plastic Skin

Modern prosthetics enable millions of amputees to pick up an apple, but the sensation of holding that apple is still missing. Stanford chemical engineer Zhenan Bao has set out with a team of researchers to develop a new “skin” that could imitate skin’s nerve sensors. Bao’s skin would allow amputees to feel and move at […]

This startup has built a prosthetic leg from sugar cane for disabled people to walk, dance and Rise

Prajwal Basavaraja is a 25-year-old student pursuing a Visual Graphics course in Bangalore. Although he is a leg amputee, he has never let his disability prevent him from realising his dream of becoming an athlete. Nagesh Chowdappa, another amputee hailing from the city, is a Team Lead at Infosys BPO. While he was awarded multiple […]