Technology Is Not Hijacking Your Brain

Nir is the author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products and have taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Design School. I’ve sold two technology companies since 2003 and now help teams design more engaging products. For most of my career I’ve worked in the video gaming and advertising industries where I […]

Let’s play startup

When Y Combinator launched in 2005, they flipped investing criteria on its head, making micro bets on young, inexperienced kids, instead of funding people with proven track records. Now their venture fund has a portfolio of winners including Dropbox, Zenefits, Airbnb, and Stripe. And next year they’re thinking a little bigger In 2018 they’ll accept […]

5 Influencer Marketing Trends You Need to Know

Influencer marketing is evolving, with marketers across all industries now using the strategy. Follow these five trends to stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of new opportunities. By Kim Westwood With 86 percent of marketers reporting they’ve used influencer marketing in the past year, the strategy once associated with Millennial social media campaigns […]

Millennials are Changing the Way We Work, and It’s All Because of ‘Star Wars’

I was surfing through tweet by new authors and came across First up article was so sharable I had to let you know.  I’ll be checking this feed daily now 🙂 Millennials are Changing the Way We Work, and It’s All Because of”Star Wars’ “We’ve entered into a time where people don’t equate hard […]

4 Effective Ways to Passively Attract Job Candidates

Attracting great candidates who may not necessarily be looking for a job can be an exhausting endeavor. It takes internal resources like time and money, and carries costs and risk. Fortunately, there are some low-maintenance ways for you to build an inbound funnel of possible candidates. Here are 4 tips to help you interest hard-to-reach […]