56 Influencers Share Their Biggest Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

I was honored to be featured in this interesting take on influencer marketing. 56 Influencers Share Their Biggest Mistakes and How to Avoid Them [Expert Roundup] In 2017, influencer marketing saw an exponential growth of 198%. A lot of this can be attributed to its efficacy in building brand awareness and improving business sales. A […]

My own little Brillo Box story

#whyilovetheinternet #2198 I was surfing around my TV last night. It’s the middle of August and not much new on.  Found this gem. An HBO Documentary by Lisanne Skyler about her Andy Warhol Brillo Box It’s right the niche of things I like to watch so perfect. BUT, the reason I watched was Lisanne Skyler’s […]

5 Influencer Marketing Trends You Need to Know

Influencer marketing is evolving, with marketers across all industries now using the strategy. Follow these five trends to stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of new opportunities. By Kim Westwood With 86 percent of marketers reporting they’ve used influencer marketing in the past year, the strategy once associated with Millennial social media campaigns […]

11 Resources to Own Influencer Marketing Like a Boss – Traackr

There’s no point in doing influencer marketing unless you do it right. And that’s easier said than done. As influencer marketing reaches mass popularity, the need to execute is met with more chaos than shopping during Black Friday. Marketers need help in filtering the noise to pinpoint what’s real and what’s a hoax. That’s why […]

Influencer Marketing and Organic Search Optimization: A Powerhouse of Results

Influencer marketing is no longer new, but applying tried-and-true search engine optimization techniques to influencer marketing campaigns might be.   Influencer marketing produces the highest ROI of any digital marketing. Yet in the influencer world, I have witnessed a lot of campaigns with a limited focus such as a certain number of likes, shares or saves. […]

Social Media – The Key to Blogger Outreach

As Social Media platforms continue to grow and evolve as a communication medium, so too are marketing opportunities expanding. The latest trend in social media marketing is blogger outreach, otherwise known as influencer marketing. So how do you make the most out this novel trend? What Is Blogger Outreach? It makes sense that we start […]

Google, Awesomeness TV and Maker Studios Come Under Fire for Influencer Marketing to Kids

The subject of paid influencers dislosing that in their content looks like a lot of fuss over nothing. Obeying laws and rules are good. Remembering that Ronald McDonald or Micky Mouse doesn’t have to say “I’m a paid spokesman” puts it in a better perspective. A group of industry watchdogs are calling for Google, DreamWorks’ […]