Australia is planting a billion trees to fight climate change

The Australian government is gearing up to plant a billion new trees, as part of a vast campaign aimed to meet the climate targets set by the Paris Agreement. The government estimates that the project, which will run until 2050, will eventually remove 18 million tons of greenhouse gases per years — an intriguing example […]

The Carbon Negative Revolution

There was a lot of talk this week about a study showing how much plastic waste the world producing.  While researching pyrolysis that turns waste into fuel, I came across this environmentally sound idea.  Good news amongst much hand wringing today. Published on Aug 29, 2012 As the world’s population skyrockets, reduction of CO2 emissions […]

Patagonia brought in $10 million on Black Friday — and will donate it all

Ochen Thoughts: This is the kind of social good that we hope other companies take note of, and follow! Patagonia’s Black Friday sales hit $10 million this year– five times what it had expected. More significantly, the retailer is donating 100% of it. Just before Thanksgiving, the company pledged to give away the sales it […]