Forgetful? There’s an app for that. Or rather, there’s an Internet of Things device with a companion app for that. Meet the Chipolo Plus from Chipolo, a tiny little tag that you can misplace to your heart’s content without ever losing it or the item to which it’s attached.

The tiny IoT tag is a little disc that can slide or attach onto anything that you may otherwise misplace. Whether it’s your phone, your keys, or heck, your entire suitcase, the Chipolo Plus can keep track of things for you. If you find yourself searching for your keychain, simply access the Chipolo app (either from your smartphone or desktop) to make the tag ring. If, on the other hand, it’s your phone you’ve lost (but you have the Chipolo Plus handy), just double press the disc to ring your phone, even if you’ve placed it on silent.

“At Chipolo we believe that everything in the world should have the power of smart location, so that’s why we are creating the world’s largest lost and found community,” says CEO and founder Primoz Zelensek. “Our product is louder than market rivals, and is also available in seven colors and boasts a range of 200 feet. Finding things has never been easier.”

And don’t worry — using your Chipolo Plus regularly won’t cause it to run out of battery any faster. In fact, the tag’s battery supposedly lasts for one year, after which users will receive both an in-app notification and an email offering a new tag for 50 percent off. Chipolo will even pick up your old tag and send you a new one.

Louder than any of the company’s previous products and waterproof to boot, the Chipolo Plus comes in seven colors. “When small items like phones, wallets and keys get lost, it’s super annoying and frustrating for everyone involved,” Zelensek added. “Chipolo Plus will save people time each day, week and year by helping them to track down their misplaced items quicker than before.”

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