When it comes to gender-related health issues, men get off a lot easier than women. However, men have an exclusive on prostate problems and, while women can have physical issues that interfere with sexual function, they don’t need to be concerned about erectile dysfunction. Well, at least not their own. Kegel exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor can be tremendously beneficial for both men and women, for health issues and sexual function.

Minna Life, the same company that introduced the KGoal Kegel exerciser in 2014 for women, has introduced KGoal Boost for men, reports Wareable. KGoal Boost is an interactive system consisting of a bicycle seat-shaped device (though a bit smaller) and a tracking and training app. Unlike the women’s version, KGoal is not used internally, you just sit on it with your clothes on. Like the original KGoal, the KGoal Boost senses pelvic muscle contractions.

According to Jon Thomas, the KGoal Boost lead developer, they could have designed an “insertible” device for men, but the company realized that “sticking something up your butt was a non-starter for most guys.”

The specific muscle being trained is the pubococcygeus (or PC). The PC, part of the pelvic floor, supports the organs.

“In women, it’s the muscle that causes the vagina to squeeze during orgasm, and in men, it’s one of the muscles that squeezes to cause ejaculation by pumping semen out of the penis,” Charlie Glickman, PhD, a sex and relationship coach, told Wareable. He continued, “it’s the muscle that you can squeeze to make your erection bounce.” So now you know exactly which one it is.

Kegel exercises are named after a urologist, Dr. Arnold Kegel, who was a champion of pelvic muscle exercises, originally intended for women with urinary incontinence. Kegel exercises support bladder control and function, can aid recovery from prostate surgery, and contribute to core strength. In addition, the same exercises that can help men with erectile dysfunction can improve sexual performance in healthy men. According to Minna Life, sexual function benefits can include orgasm quality and control, erection performance, and sensation.

The KGoal Boost app provides workout guidance, tracking, biofeedback, and games, one of which is described as similar to Pong, though it’s not a multiplayer version.  The device uses Bluetooth to connect to an iOS or Android device. It’s made of “body-safe” Class VI medical-grade silicone and holds a battery charge for a minimum of two hours of continuous use.

You’ll need to wait till 2017 to pick up a KGoal Boost. The retail price is $99 and Minna Life is taking reservations at this site. As the KGoal Boost video narrator says, using the device with the app “makes it easy to start a Kegel routine and then keep it up.”

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