Adobe Finally Kills Flash Dead

In 2010, Steve Jobs banished Adobe Flash from the iPhone. It was too insecure, Jobs wrote, too proprietary, too resource-intensive, too unaccommodating for a platform run by fingertips instead of mouse clicks. All of those gripes hold true. And now, Adobe itself has finally conceded. The company announced Tuesday that it would “stop updating and distributing […]

Second version of HoloLens HPU will incorporate AI coprocessor

By Marc Pollefeys, Director of Science, HoloLens It is not an exaggeration to say that deep learning has taken the world of computer vision, and many other recognition tasks, by storm. Many of the most difficult recognition problems have seen gains over the past few years that are astonishing. Although we have seen large improvements […]

AI Researchers Disagree With Elon Musk’s Warnings About Artificial Intelligence

I don’t think there is any question on whether AI will be smarter than us very soon but I’ll debate how self-aware a machine will become.  Intelligent machine will be able to mimic the emotions of humans and read us better than we can read ourselves. We’ll get attached, feeling like there’s an emotional attachment […]

Apple Will Teach You How to Code Apps for Free

Apple has released a free app development curriculum in the iBooks Store. Designed for high school and college students, you can learn to code whenever, wherever you want in Swift, Apple’s programming language. Companies like Airbnb, Yelp, Kayak and TripAdvisor all have apps created with Swift.  According to Apple, Swift Playgrounds has been downloaded more […]

Now Read This: Google To Stop Reading Your Emails In Order to Serve Up Gmail Ads

Google is stopping one of the most controversial advertising formats: ads inside Gmail that scan users’ email contents. The decision didn’t come from Google’s ad team, but from its cloud unit, which is angling to sign up more corporate customers. To better serve enterprise users, Alphabet Inc.‘s Google Cloud software suite saw a bevy of […]

New”superglue’ could seal the deal for stretchable batteries, soft robots

Superglue is great for fixing busted bookshelves, suitcase wheels, and – of course – shoes. But what if you want to fuse something a little more jiggly, like the gel cushions used to pad crumbling spinal discs? You’d be out of luck, until now. That’s because scientists have created a new kind of glue that […]

Tesla said to be in talks to create its own streaming music service

Tesla might be a music service operator soon, in addition to a maker of electric cars and solar energy products. That’s according to a new report from Recode, which says that Tesla has been talking to music labels to make this happen. The planned offering could start with a free, Pandora-like streaming radio option, which […]