‘Robot lawyer’ that overturned 160,000 parking tickets now helping refugees

A chat bot that helped overturn 160,000 parking tickets is now giving free legal aid to asylum-seeking refugees through Facebook. DoNotPay, which has been dubbed the world’s first robot lawyer, was created by London-born Stanford University student Joshua Browder. The 20-year-old, who has made Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list of the brightest young entrepreneurs, designed […]

Unity Is Expanding To Deliver VR And AR Beyond Gaming

VR and AR for programmers is a paradigm shift. We can assume that it will become possible for anyone putting on a headset to design their own reality. That alone brings infinite possibilities. by Jamie Feltham via Uploader.com The arrival or VR and AR headsets means big things for videogame development engines like Unity, including […]

Twitter Considering Paid Subscription Tier for Professional Users on TweetDeck at $20/Month

Twitter is looking at providing a professional experience for people on TweetDeck that would pack in advance tools and features not found anywhere else on the service. The premium package would cost $19.99 per month, be accessible on both desktop and mobile, and include the following features: – Exclusive news/alerts summaries personalized for you– Content […]

These AI bots created their own language to talk to each other

It is now table stakes for artificial intelligence algorithms to “learn” about the world around them. The next level: For AI bots to learn how to talk to each other — and develop their own shared language. New research released last week by OpenAI, the artificial intelligence nonprofit lab founded by Elon Musk and Y […]

Hardlight VR Suit adds vibration for more realistic gameplay

This vest contains multiple vibrational elements and can add an extra kick as you play VR games. It has 16 vibrational nodes and haptic sensors and is completely sweat proof so you can work up a lather kicking alien butt. Is this taking things too far? If you are killing a zombie or person in […]

Move over drones, now there are jets! – E-Flite Convergence VTOL

Looking for versatility with your next RC flight? Then the E-Flite Convergence VTOL for you! The E-Flite Convergence VTOL (vertical take off and landing) was fun and exciting to fly. We were impressed by several of the features it includes such as the auto level capability, the ease of transitioning from stability mode to acro […]