This never-before-seen extra from White Rabbit Project with actual cyborg Angel Giuffria

This never-before-seen extra from White Rabbit Project is from the afternoon Grant Imahara spent with actual cyborg Angel Giuffria. Angel also showed off some of her attachments, like one that allows her to shoot a bow and arrow. White Rabbit Project: This article originally appeared at:

IBM has figured out how to store data on a single atom

Big things really can come in small packages. IBM announced it has managed to successfully store data on a single atom for the first time. The research, carried out at the computing giant’s Almaden lab in Silicon Valley, was published in the scientific journal Nature March 8, and could have massive implications for the way […]

Photos of the 11ft-diameter Hyperloop test track under construction in Nevada

Los Angeles-based startup Hyperloop One has made it its mission to build a rail system that levitates pods on magnetic skis and sends them through a low-pressure tube at 760mph. At a railway conference in Dubai on Tuesday, the startup showed the first images of the test track it has started building in southern Nevada, […]

Facebook Messenger bots are going to get a lot more verbose

Facebook announced a change to 640 characters, from 320, to allow longer responses.  Will longer answer be better answers? Extra bits for the platform are mostly about letting others know that a bit of text originated from. That means from a shared bit of bot text will allow you to start a conversation with said bot from […]

Why I left Mac for Windows: Apple has given up on its computers

If you ask anyone who knows me, I’m probably the biggest Apple fan they know. Ask for a suggestion of what computer to get, and I’ll almost certainly either tell you the MacBook Pro, or to wait, because Apple is about to update its hardware finally. But recently, I realized I’d gotten tired of Apple’s […]