The Hydrobee charger is sitting on top of the Jiko Safi stove invented in Seattle.   
Below the stove is a cylinder charcoal lighter for barbecues.  We fill it with briquettes and light it.   We put it under the stove, under the bowl.  Fill the bowl with water or stew etc to boil, or fry in it.  The heat flows around the bowl into the stove body then up the chimney.  
Our Firebee thermo-electric generator is inserted into the stove body at the base of the chimney.  The hot gases heat up the radiator part inside the stove.  The heat is transferred through two thermo-electric modules, flowing through them to the cold side which is the tall silver column filled with water.   The modules make power from the difference in temperature between the hot and cold sides.  
Electricity goes to the black box regulator, then out as USB charging power into the Hydrobee or a phone.   This can produce up to 8 Watts, enough to charge a tablet or big Android phone in two hours.  This is a huge breakthrough – no other fire-based charger on the market makes more than 2 Watts.   And you can cook in too!   
Should be on sale before Christmas!  

Personal Power from Nature – Anywhere

Harvest USB Battery Power from Anything That Moves

Hydrobee is your personal USB power source recharged by water, wind, sun, fire, bicycles, muscles and more.  It provides USB 3.0 power to charge multiple cellphones, a tablet PC, or a LED lamp for many hours of light.

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