The US Navy 3D printed a concept submersible in four weeks

Militaries around the world have eyed 3D printing as a cost and time-effective resource for future missions, whether it’s printing up replacement parts for warplanes, grenade launchers, or meals for soldiers. Recently, the US Navy has partnered with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory to develop a proof-of-concept submersible that was printed in under four weeks. […]

Tesla passes GM as Musk’s car maker becomes America’s top-valued

Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc. briefly surpassed General Motors Co. to become America’s most valuable carmaker, eclipsing a company whose well-being was once viewed as interdependent with the nation’s. A week after topping Ford Motor Co., Tesla climbed as much as 3.7 per cent in early Monday trading, boosting its market capitalization to $51-billion. Tesla and […]

Elon Musk plans to start digging tunnels to beat traffic

Musk raised eyebrows in mid-December when he announced plans via Twitter to buy a tunnel boring machine and “just start digging.” He promised to call the effort The Boring Company. “Traffic is driving me nuts,” he tweeted. Since then it’s been unclear whether Musk was momentarily frustrated with Los Angeles traffic, or would actually follow […]

Google’s AI software is learning to make AI software

Progress in artificial intelligence causes some people to worry that software will take jobs such as driving trucks away from humans. Now leading researchers are finding that they can make software that can learn to do one of the trickiest parts of their own jobs—the task of designing machine-learning software. In one experiment, researchers at […]

Adding A Funny Form Of Carbon To Silly Putty Creates A Heart Monitor

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