Facebook has over one billion users so people are allured by the sheer size of the audience. But in reality, there are 325 million people in the US, 75% speak English, and even a smaller amount would be potential customers for you and your business.

Since 2006 when it launched to the public (originally for Harvard students in 2004), Facebook has gone through rapid change, even faster today. Now with business and brand pages, groups, video, photos and now Live video, you have many ways to target potential customers. To really access your perfect customers, you may have to pay to play. Targeted ads are not only how Facebook makes it’s money, but the best way target audience who potentially could become customers.

In this episode, I will explain some ideas and tactics to help you understand and access all the power of your Facebook account, and do so without having to pay to play -along the way. Although, paying for advertising might be the best strategy for you and your business!

Listen to podcast at: http://www.baconpodcast.com/episode-226-facebook-still-best-social-media-platform-business/

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