Instagram to Let Users Book With Businesses in Challenge to Yelp

Instagram, the photo-sharing application owned by Facebook Inc., will soon let people book appointments with businesses, part of an effort to expand the app’s consumer uses. People will be able to set up a haircut, for example, by going to a salon’s Instagram profile and clicking on a button to schedule it. The move could […]

Is Facebook Still The Best Social Media Platform For Business?

Facebook has over one billion users so people are allured by the sheer size of the audience. But in reality, there are 325 million people in the US, 75% speak English, and even a smaller amount would be potential customers for you and your business. Since 2006 when it launched to the public (originally for […]

Instagram – 600 Million Users and Counting

Today Instagram is proud to announce their community has grown to more than 600 million Instagrammers. And the last 100 million of you joined in just the past six months. A lot has changed this year, but the Instagram community and the diversity of expression it provides has remained consistent. And you now have more […]