Digital currencies, based on blockchain are doing much more than the flashy bitcoin and ICO stories tell.

Companies like Bazista will allow any one to trade anywhere, without the friction of currency conversions.

Juan Llanos spoke at TEDxMidAtlantic about the high costs involved in doing business between African nations and internationally:

Watch it now.

About Juan Llanos

Juan is EVP of Strategic Partnerships and Chief Transparency Officer at, a cloud-based payment network that allows members to remove bitcoin’s volatility and merchants to receive payments at zero cost.

For well over a decade, Juan has built and managed compliance programs all over the world –while dedicating his work to supporting the underserved and unbanked.  During this time, Juan helped develop a large portfolio of innovative monetary services and tools –such as bill payments, money transfer products and Mexico’s first pre-paid debit card.  Juan co-developed this suite of new financial services at Unidos Financial Services, Inc. and Remesas Quisqueyana, Inc., holding a number of senior positions, while building a reputation as an internationally recognized compliance thought leader.

He is a member of the Bitcoin Foundation‘s Regulatory Affairs and Education Committees, co-Chair of DATA’s AML Working Group, writes about risk and virtual currencies in this blog, and is a mentor and advisor at various crypto-currency and technology start-ups.

A Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist since 2003, Juan has been a lecturer, moderator, panelist and organizer of Anti-Money Laundering and Regulatory Compliance conferences, seminars, workshops and webcasts on dozens of occasions.  Today, he is recognized as a pioneer in the development of compliance and risk management best practices for the money transfer industry and as an international thought leader in applied technology, hands-on skills for success, operational excellence and leadership in the AML Compliance domain.

In August of 2008, Juan was granted permanent resident status by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services “by reason of extraordinary ability” in the fields of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT).

About Bazista 

I am advising Bazista, now in ICO offering. They share my vision of bring billions of people into the world markets. 

You can learn more at

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