You are carrying a lockbox around, wherever you drive. 

Watch this video about a awesome new way to get the stuff you want, where you want it.

I love how you can allow mobile access, without keys or expensive installation.

Phrame has run successful pilot with, one of its partners for everyday item delivery inside of car trunks. enables consumers to order food, alcohol, and home essentials via its online and mobile app platforms. The company also offers its customers laundry and dry cleaning on-demand, picked up and delivered directly to consumers by local providers.

By partnering with over ten thousand local restaurants, stores and dry cleaners, is able to serve more than a million customers in dozens of cities across the United States. 

Phrame provides the smart license plate frame and app as a time-saving perk to employees of multiple companies for on-demand oil, gas and car washes to their parking lots. By partnering with, Phrame can offer home essentials and laundry directly to employees’ cars, without interrupting the work day.

“There’s an overwhelmingly positive consumer response to in-car trunk delivery,” said Charlene Consolacion, Phrame’s CEO. “Consumers just don’t have the tool to become part of it. With Phrame, any car, built in any year, can become a temporary urban locker- receiving laundry, groceries and food for consumers.”

To complete laundry drop off during the pilot, delivery staff accessed car trunks via Phrame’s app to open the smart license plate frame enclosing car keys. Staff opened the car trunks, placed the items inside, and returned the keys back inside Phrame during a timed 90 second period.

Upon launch, consumers will have step-by-step insight into when their ordered items are dropped off inside of the car trunk via app notifications.

“Partnering with Phrame is an exciting way for us to provide even easier and more convenient solutions for our users,” said Nat Brogadir, VP of Business Development & Finance at “Users now have more free time while their home essentials, laundry and dry cleaning are brought directly to their car.”

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