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I was surfing around my TV last night. It’s the middle of August and not much new on. 

Found this gem. An HBO Documentary by Lisanne Skyler about her Andy Warhol Brillo Box

It’s right the niche of things I like to watch so perfect. BUT, the reason I watched was Lisanne Skyler’s personal story. 

I even thought about writing a post. I only get around to 1 in 20 ideas so that would have been the end of it…

Here’s the rest of the story

This morning. My friend Angela Chek posted a note on Facebook about her friend Lisanne Skyler and wanted people to help LIsanne launch her movie. 

The post didn’t have a link to anything but HBO so I asked for a link. Talking to Angela, I learned that she was sharing the documentary because she wanted to help her friend. 

The same reason I watched the film.

Now I’m getting into it, so I think “What would I do if I were HBO?”

  1. Find groups on the internet that like art, Warhol, commercial art, documentaries. 
  2. Offer an advanced screening pass to the influencers
  3. Create a place where others could upload photos of themselves as kids with art
  4. Encourage others to make films like this
  5. Find some influencers to talk about the project, the art
  6. Get the usual PR and Advertising to talk about all of this. 

I have no idea what else HBO did to promote Brillo Box. They are a fine organization. I love their programming and commitment to quality, especially documentaries. But seeing the laundry list of HBO links on the YouTube details, and no mention of the story, Warhol, Brillo and especially Lisanne, I know they are just scratching the surface of what could be done.

In the past, media won by like 20th Century brands: “Have the biggest pipeline and biggest budget. Beat the market into submission.”

Today, we get better ROI through influencers, use a fraction the media budget and create lasting relationships. 

Thanks to Angela, I’ll never forget Lisanne and her families’ Brillo Box. They are a part of me now.

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