Google AI Experiment lets you mix two instruments for some odd sounds

This experiment lets you play with new sounds created with machine learning. It’s built using Nsynth, a research project that trained a neural network on over 300,000 instrument sounds. NSynth is able to combine sounds, like a bass and flute, into a new, hybrid bass-flute sound. This experiment lets anyone explore these sounds and make music […]

Dogs Have Music Preferences But Most Like To Chill With Reggae, Says Study

If their music taste is anything to go by, dogs are super chilled. The University of Glasgow has released new research, in partnership with Scotland’s Animal Welfare Charity (SPCA), looking at the musical taste of dogs. The study consisted of playing five different genres of music to a group of dogs through sound systems installed […]

You’ve Got a Friend In Me – LIVE Performance by 4-year-old Claire Ryann and Dad

Best cover I think I’ve seen on Youtube. But Claire is not new to this. Check out her channel. Scary how good she will be in a few years. Props to her family for nurturing her incredible talent. 23mil video views on Youtube in a little over a year, well that is more than Tim […]

deadmau5 to Instruct Private Music Production Lessons With MasterClass: Exclusive

What makes deadmau5 so great? Is he born with some kind of gift? Is he inherently greater than the millions of sound geeks that walk the Earth? Not at all, and he’d probably be the first to tell you. deadmau5 has risen to great heights simply because he is relentless, dedicated, and refuses to settle […]

Tomplay – Interactive Sheet Music for iPad, PC and Mac.

“Tomplay is the application that my students were missing. The possibility to play with orchestral accompaniments or with the piano allows for a listening exercise that cannot be matched.” Play music with Tomplay on iPad Download on theApp Store “Tomplay is the application that my students were missing. The possibility to play with orchestral accompaniments or […]

The Strange Custom of Setting Pianos on Fire

When an old piano is out of tune and completely out of commission, some say there’s only one thing left to do: Burn it. Burning an old piano has become something of a tradition for musicians and Air Force members alike—although no one’s exactly sure how it got started. Most stories attribute the birth of […]

Pianist Ludovico Einaudi In The Arctic Ocean – because why not right?

Ludovico Einaudi performs an original piece “Elegy for the Arctic”, on the Arctic Ocean to call for its protection, on June 17th, 2016. With a grand piano on a floating platform in front of a glacier, Einaudi played an original piece composed for the cause. The acclaimed composer has turned into music the voices of […]

A 12-year-old singer-songwriter as the next Taylor Swift? Simon Cowell think so.

Grace VanderWaal is just trying to find her way in life and she writes songs about it.  “Most of my friends don’t really know I sing,” Grace VanderWaal told the audience of America’s Got Talent.  The 12-year-old will have a hard time hiding her talents now after wowing judges and audience members Tuesday night. The […]