Cord-cutting costing pay TV big concerns

Pay-TV lost an estimated 802,000 subscribers in the first quarter, The paradigm shifted away from network with schedules and channels some time ago but the behemoths are so huge and habits so ingrained into our society that broadcaster sill hang on to the idea that we’ll go back to watching appointment TV and the “innovators” […]

TV May Actually Die Soon -Stay Tuned

FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google/YouTube) is about to take a huge bite out of traditional network TV (ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox), and the media business will never be the same. To understand how profound the implications of the recently announced NFL on Amazon Prime or YouTube TV are, it may help to understand the […]

Enemy number one is Netflix: The monster that’s eating Hollywood

Tara Flynn, a rising star at a TV production unit of 21st Century Fox, walked into her boss’s office last August and told him she was quitting and joining streaming-video giant Netflix Inc. The news was not well-received. “Netflix is public enemy No. 1,” said Bert Salke, the head of Fox 21 Television Studios, where Ms. Flynn was […]