Meet the Top 10 Startups Racing to Remake the Auto Industry

If you worked for a startup in the 1990s, chances were you were figuring out how to make money on the brand spankin’ new World Wide Web. Leap forward 10 years, and the typical startup was all about apps on your smartphone, to do everything from touching up selfies, to booking flights, to getting your laundry […]

Maven to expand on-demand short-term Gig rentals to 6 more U.S. cities

I’m very happy to have ditched my car and ride in Uber all the time. But I’m still drawn to new deals to get a car.  I don’t miss driving. I love not having to worry about maintenance. But that feeling of needing to jump in and go is hard to shake. A year ago, […]

British Airways flight disruption was caused by someone unplugging the power

If you work in technology there’s often a joke about someone tripping over the power cord whenever a server goes down. It appears that joke became reality for British Airways last weekend. British Airways flights were disrupted worldwide due to a power supply issue in the company’s main datacenter, with 75,000 passengers affected by canceled […]

No more boarding passess needed when airlines use facial recognition instead

I see a future where you decide to go somewhere, push a button on your phone and get a ride to the airport, walk on to the plan and have ground transportation arranged to your final destination where anything you need is waiting in your room. Anything that eases the paperwork is a good thing. […]

Photos of the 11ft-diameter Hyperloop test track under construction in Nevada

Los Angeles-based startup Hyperloop One has made it its mission to build a rail system that levitates pods on magnetic skis and sends them through a low-pressure tube at 760mph. At a railway conference in Dubai on Tuesday, the startup showed the first images of the test track it has started building in southern Nevada, […]

PAL-V begins pre-sales of its flying car -starting at $400,000

If you still feel like you were somehow “promised” flying cars based on Popular Science magazine covers in the 1960s then you’re in luck, because Dutch company PAL-V is now accepting pre-orders for its Liberty vehicle, which it calls “the first certified commercial flying car ever.” The three-wheeled”car’ has a retractable top-mounted rotor, making it […]