Amazon Alexa is poised to control the connected ecosystem of the future

Alexa, is Amazon poised to control the connected ecosystem of the future? By Lisa Lacy In adding a screen to Echo and creating a network beyond the platform, Amazon is honing its connected ecosystem. Just two weeks after introducing the hands-free camera and style assistant Echo Look, Amazon made another Echo product, Show, available for […]

A camera for fashion selfies? Useful or Narcissism?

Have you considered a voice activated assistant and put it off because it wouldn’t take selfies? I understand that some would want a record of every outfit they ever wore. It’s a logical extension of paying attention to fashion. Since that’s not me, I started wondering whether the purported Amazon Echo might be more than […]

WebMD integrates with Amazon Alexa to offer health information through voice assistant

People who turn to WebMD in their quest for health information can now do so without lifting a finger  -they can use their voice, through a new integration with Amazon Alexa. As of today, people who use the voice-assistant service can launch the WebMD skill on any Alexa-enabled device (such as the Echo, Echo Dot […]

Amazon Alexa Hits 10,000 Skills. Here Comes the Hard Part

A year and a half ago, Amazon opened up its Alexa voice assistant to developers. With the Alexa Skills Kit, Alexa and its hardware hosts—the Echo, Dot, Tap, and now dozens more from third parties—became more than just speakers and digital weathermen. It became a platform, capable of supporting a full ecosystem of skills, which […]