A Jacket Made From Electronic Thread Goes on Sale This Year [video]

We have been trying to update our clothing for quite some time now. From clothing that can help us with our work out to something that can change to a new design on command, the concept of “smart clothing” isn’t entirely new. But when the biggest names in tech and fashion come together to sponsor […]

Data from wearables can predict disease

Smartwatch data can be used to detect and even predict disease, researchers say. This is good news for people betting on the potential of smartwatches to improve health beyond encouraging us to move more. If it becomes common to use this data to predict illness, we might be able to take better care of ourselves […]

Why Are Millions of People Ditching Their Wearable Devices?

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. Others, meanwhile, measure their heart rate on their wrists. The latter group is growing exponentially, ushering in a multi-billion-dollar wearables market, from watches that count steps and heartbeats to earbuds that monitor a woman’s body temperature to calculate the ideal time to procreate. Probably one of the […]