I was asked which industry will be the next disrupted by #blockchain.

It’s the wrong question.. as we all will live in a different world and picking one is at best a guess.

Here’s what I wrote. What do you think?

Blockchain will change everything about the way we do business. Thanks to Crypto-currency we have heard about some of the financial uses of to secure investments and business transactions, Just a small slice of what will come next.That’s just the beginning.Blockchain will secure accounting, inventories, shipping, and every type of shared database€¦ eliminating much of the drudgery and task of accounting department and other job functions and reducing costs.After that, we can really start changing the world with blockchain in ways we haven’t yet truly imaged. All record keeping, marketing, politics, healthcare will be secure. Lawsuits, insurance and sales cost reduced for a safe, frictionless move to an era of abundance.

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