When the Getting is Good: Using Amazon Prime to Help the Homeless

Ever wonder how you can use your insta-purchase Amazon app for something more necessary than a new gadget you saw on Instagram?  How about sending some socks to someone who really needs them, like a homeless person on the streets near where you live? Rob Bliss, this story’s “good samaritan,” hacked how to deliver kindness […]

Amazon’s new Fire TV interface is what it should have been from the start

Amazon has started rolling out a free over-the-air update to its Fire TV products that dramatically redesigns the user interface — a welcome update to the more cluttered design that existed before. The old interface had a side menu with a long list of sometimes-redundant options, including Search, Home, Movies, TV, Watchlist, Prime Video, and […]

Amazon Go is grocery store with no checkout line

See how Amazon packages ship with less than 60 in human hands Amazon has gone after bookstores, retail chains and electronics shops. Now it’s taking on grocery stores, with a twist.   Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) unveiled in a video a new physical store on Monday that sells a mix of “grocery essentials” and ready-made meals. But […]

This is Amazon’s grocery store of the future: no cashiers, no registers, and no lines

Amazon plans to break into physical retail in a new way. The online retail giant revealed a concept for a physical store in a video published Monday. The store, called Amazon Go, doesn’t work like a typical Walmart or supermarket — instead, it’s designed so that shoppers will use an app, also called Amazon Go, […]

What Amazon’s homepage looked like when it launched 21 years ago this month

Long before it became the world’s go-to, online source for virtually anything, Amazon.com was strictly a bookseller. And before the arrival of its slick, obsessively considered menus, navigation bars, and search algorithms, the $250 billion operation’s homepage was much more basic. A screen capture from a month after its July 1995 launch is a relic […]