You’ve got problems if you’re the smartest in the room

Your small business success is directly tied to the talent you acquire and how your leadership molds a culture that enables talent to thrive. Running a small business requires more than just having ideas or giving direction. It requires leadership. This is where we must be honest with ourselves. Not all of us were born […]

Disney I Creating Content for Snapchat

In Snapchat’s latest deal with a major U.S. media company. Financial terms were not disclosed.  Snap, which is preparing for next year’s initial public offering, has signed a variety of advertising and content agreements this year with Viacom, Comcast’s NBCUniversal and Time Warner Inc’s Turner Broadcasting System Inc. Media companies such as Disney partner with […]

There’s a reason some drinks give you worse hangovers than others

You’re not imagining it: Some mornings after parties are worse than others—even if you drink the same amount. Hangovers, or veisalgia, as scientists refer to it, are our body’s way of telling us that we’ve overindulged on alcohol. Scientists aren’t sure exactly why we get them, but they have a few ideas: “Addiction specialists have […]

Scientists Develop The First Biological Pacemaker From Stem Cells

These stem cells activate electrical impulses that trigger the contraction of the heart! Custom engineered health is quickly becoming a reality where scientists take your own stem cells from one area of the body and then reintroduce them to another area of your body where they have stopped working or were destroyed (for example, […]