Beware of the drone stories creating danger of clear thinking

After getting reading some tweets suggesting that the FAA is going to block drone deliveries, complete with links to fabricated articles about how Amazon would react and this silly little line: Amazon doesn’t charge any extra penny from customers for delivering products via Prime Air. In simple word, Amazon delivers products to its customers via Prime […]

The Mainstream Media Is Rigged #MSM

Shelly Palmer has the best explanation I’ve read about rigged media.  I only disagree slightly on one point. The publishers and editor DO want to benefit. They also want to see more people benefit by getting the attention and distribution a piece of news needs. Far from altruistic, they know that doing good is good […]

Fake news is killing people’s minds, says Apple boss Tim Cook

Tim Cook, the boss of Apple, is calling for governments to launch a public information campaign to fight the scourge of fake news, which is “killing people’s minds”. That doesn’t allow much for people’s ability to discern between fact and fiction, but he’s got a point. In an impassioned plea, Mr Cook, boss of the […]

For Fact-Checking Website Snopes, a Bigger Role Brings More Attacks

SAN DIEGO — The last line of defense against the torrent of half-truths, untruths and outright fakery that make up so much of the modern internet is in a downscale strip mall near the beach. Snopes, the fact-checking website, does not have an office designed to impress, or even be noticed. A big sign outside […]

What to do about #FakeNews – Twitter chat

Twitter gets a bad rap for the “noise factor”  Reminds me of the “3 Stages of Twitter Acceptance” I taught when Twitter was new. It applies to all technology, but I used Twitter as an example STAGE ONE: “Why should I care?” STAGE TWO: “I need to push out a message and/or get some followers” STAGE THREE: […]