MIT researchers develop a drone system that can do a camera operator’s job

Shooting professional quality video with a drone is not an easy task, and often requires multiple human operators. Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) think they’ve found a way to take humans out of the operation part of the equation altogether. The team teased a system this week that they plan […]

How The New York Times’ recast R&D unit got back to basics – Digiday

The New York Times’ R&D Lab, started in 2006, grew to a 12-person team that dreamed up products of the future. There was a Minority Report-style “magic mirror” that could serve up information as you’re brushing your teeth. And a conference table that takes notes. Now, the research unit, recast as Story[X] a year ago, […]

Amazon Alexa is poised to control the connected ecosystem of the future

Alexa, is Amazon poised to control the connected ecosystem of the future? By Lisa Lacy In adding a screen to Echo and creating a network beyond the platform, Amazon is honing its connected ecosystem. Just two weeks after introducing the hands-free camera and style assistant Echo Look, Amazon made another Echo product, Show, available for […]

The world’s largest luxury car “vending machine”

Buying a luxury car in Singapore is as easy as purchasing a can of soda or a candy bar. The Southeast Asian city-state is now the home of the world’s largest vehicle vending machine, thanks to pre-owned car retailer Autobahn Motors. Although the company started off by selling cars via traditional showrooms, it eventually outgrew […]

People are twice as likely to die in a crash if the car they’re travelling in was built before 2000

Crashing A 1998 Toyota Into A 2015 Toyota Shows How Far Car Safety Has Advanced People are twice as likely to die in a crash if the car they’re travelling in was built before 2000. This is demonstrated by the results of this car-to-car crash test conducted by independent vehicle safety advocate ANCAP. The average […]

Tips for Buying a New Business

Buying a new business or starting one from scratch; which one is smarter? The argument is unresolved for the most part because both require a massive amount of time and resources, with no definitive way to predict what will succeed. However, many people believe that buying a preexisting business can provide more security and assurance […]