How The New York Times’ recast R&D unit got back to basics – Digiday

The New York Times’ R&D Lab, started in 2006, grew to a 12-person team that dreamed up products of the future. There was a Minority Report-style “magic mirror” that could serve up information as you’re brushing your teeth. And a conference table that takes notes. Now, the research unit, recast as Story[X] a year ago, […]

The Mainstream Media Is Rigged #MSM

Shelly Palmer has the best explanation I’ve read about rigged media.  I only disagree slightly on one point. The publishers and editor DO want to benefit. They also want to see more people benefit by getting the attention and distribution a piece of news needs. Far from altruistic, they know that doing good is good […]

John Oliver Returns to Out-News the News—by Ignoring Trump

If it were up to John Oliver, this sentence will be the last time “Last Week Tonight” and “President Donald Trump” are mentioned in the same story. It’s not that he doesn’t want to take on the administration. Far from it. But he also knows everyone from CNN to his former coworker Stephen Colbert is […]

Despite Media Freak-Out, Data Shows Fake News Sites Have Tiny Audience

USDespite a media blitz portraying fake news sites as having a real impact in national politics — and even capable of affecting the outcome of a presidential election — fake news sites struggle to reach any sort of real audience. Fake news site, subject of coverage from the New York Times and the Washington […]

Yep, Disney is in talks with bankers about possible Twitter acquisition

Disney has had talks about a potential acquisition of Twitter, we’ve confirmed. They’re working with bankers now to determine whether the deal makes sense, multiple sources have informed us. While some reports have suggested that Twitter could fetch $30 billion, we are hearing that the price tag is much lower. Twitter stock is currently trending […]