How Text Messaging is Going to Advance Your Recruiting Process

Text messaging is an essential tool for job recruiters, but you have to learn how to use SMS texting effectively. To improve HR functions, texting offers a simple, direct way to communicate with potential job candidates and current employees. Text messages must be relevant to the recipient, offering new information or news. Too many text […]

Second version of HoloLens HPU will incorporate AI coprocessor

By Marc Pollefeys, Director of Science, HoloLens It is not an exaggeration to say that deep learning has taken the world of computer vision, and many other recognition tasks, by storm. Many of the most difficult recognition problems have seen gains over the past few years that are astonishing. Although we have seen large improvements […]

Instagram starts sharing analytics for brands’ organic posts through API

If a brand wants to know how many people it reached with its organic post on Instagram or how many impressions its Story received, it has had to open Instagram’s app to access those stats instead of accessing them through a social marketing dashboard. No longer, though; now that brand will be able to use […]

A DNA app store is here, but proceed with caution

Helix uses “flow cells” like this one to sequence its customers’ genes. Each lane on the cell contains a sample of patient DNA. A Silicon Valley startup called Helix is betting on the notion that not only do people want to learn more about their DNA, but they’ll also pay to keep interacting with it. […]

Cord-cutting costing pay TV big concerns

Pay-TV lost an estimated 802,000 subscribers in the first quarter, The paradigm shifted away from network with schedules and channels some time ago but the behemoths are so huge and habits so ingrained into our society that broadcaster sill hang on to the idea that we’ll go back to watching appointment TV and the “innovators” […]