Google is sharing its management tools with the world

Written by Leah Fessler Speaking at his alma mater in January, Sundar Pichai, Google’s low-profile CEO, revealed his key to effective management: “Let others succeed.” Enacting Pichai’s advice is easier said than done. But Google is sharing some tools that might help. Its Re:Work blog is offering a series of instructive documents used by managers […]

Apple is reportedly investing $1 billion in original video content

Apple will invest approximately $1 billion in acquiring and producing original TV shows over the next year, according to The Wall Street Journal.The investment could result in as many as 10 new shows, a source told the publication, with the iPhone-maker looking to match the high-quality output of networks like HBO. The market for this […]

Bitcoin’s Price Reaches An All-Time High -and At Least One Trader Believes That Is Just the Beginning

Bitcoin has recently made it through a chain split unscathed, due to the impending lock-in of SegWit, a somewhat controversial solution to Bitcoin’s scalability issues.  Shortly after the split on August 1st, which brought us Bitcoin Cash, in addition to Bitcoin, miners continued to signal for the activation of SegWit, an alternative scaling solution to […]

Now You Can View Tweets By Topic, Without Having To Make A List

Viewing tweet by a person, hashtag, word, or curated story aren’t enought Now Twitter will help you figure out what topics you like.  Part of me wants to hate this but it’s an evolution that will help millions get more value from Twitter so why not? Now you can view tweets sorted by topic, without […]

Gates Makes Largest Donation Since 2000 With $5 Billion Gift

Bill Gates made his largest single gift since the turn of the century, giving away Microsoft Corp. shares that accounted for 5 percent of his fortune, the world’s biggest. The billionaire donated 64 million of the software maker’s shares to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on June 6, according to Securities and Exchange Commission […]

My own little Brillo Box story

#whyilovetheinternet #2198 I was surfing around my TV last night. It’s the middle of August and not much new on.  Found this gem. An HBO Documentary by Lisanne Skyler about her Andy Warhol Brillo Box It’s right the niche of things I like to watch so perfect. BUT, the reason I watched was Lisanne Skyler’s […]