The Carbon Negative Revolution

There was a lot of talk this week about a study showing how much plastic waste the world producing.  While researching pyrolysis that turns waste into fuel, I came across this environmentally sound idea.  Good news amongst much hand wringing today. Published on Aug 29, 2012 As the world’s population skyrockets, reduction of CO2 emissions […]

Indian solar power prices hit record low, undercutting fossil fuels

Last year we were talking about solar energy growing 10x with a corresponding 90% drop in costs.  I’d talk often with people still thinking that solar needs subsidies from tax breaks. They also would point out that solar was only a small part of the energy economy.  I’d smile and remind them that it meant […]

A Company in Japan Just Broke the World Record for Solar Panel Efficiency

Even the United States is making some massive strides with this source of renewable energy. In fact, solar energy is faring better than coal—even in terms of the economy. There are more people employed by the solar industry than in coal, and the price of solar power continues to fall. A trend that is likely […]

Is nuclear energy renewable?

Nuclear energy remains controversial. Many think we shouldn’t use nuclear at all. The question: “Is nuclear energy renewable?” TED’s Chris Anderson invited two experts to debate the viability of nuclear energy vs the alternatives available. TRANSPRIPT “Is Nuclear Energy Renewable and Environmentally Sound?” Chris Anderson: We’re having a debate. The debate is over the proposition: […]