With fewer cash registers, Hershey tries to re-create the impulse buy online – Digiday

The convenience of picking up an item while standing in line has been a big influence on store design.  And why we have a zillion Convenience Stores.  Merchandising is sometimes neglected in ecommerce stores, though the state of the art in merchandising is Amazon and the algorithms. Putting on a headset to shop may just […]

How To Leverage Influencer Outreach For Higher Rankings

Leveraging influencer outreach is a powerful marketing strategy you need to pay close attention to. Simply creating content is not enough to secure those coveted higher rankings keeping you up at night. You need to expand your audience reach and connect in a more meaningful way. Most marketers know the value of having a superb […]

How To Avoid The Gmail Promotions Tab

I talk to mailing list owners large and small nearly every day. Many are resigned to live with their email marketing landing in the Gmail Promotions Tab.  Not necessarily true.  I asked Gmail expert Chris Lang to share what he has tested and experienced over millions of emails sent.  Top 10 Ways to Avoid The […]

Instagram starts sharing analytics for brands’ organic posts through API

If a brand wants to know how many people it reached with its organic post on Instagram or how many impressions its Story received, it has had to open Instagram’s app to access those stats instead of accessing them through a social marketing dashboard. No longer, though; now that brand will be able to use […]