Casey Neistat’s Academy Award Television Commercial – Representing Youtubers (the other Oscars)

Wow, super proud of Casey for representing the un-recognized Youtuber community in the Oscars this year. He partnered with Samsung for the commercial below which aired during the Oscars. The video above is the making of the commercial and the messaging behind it. Casey represents the next generation of makers and the message is simple. […]

Hollywood’s Holographic Billboards Are Now a Reality

I see this being used for far more than just ads. Imagine if you are building a home and as you go from one vendor to another deciding on lighting, plumbing fixtures, furniture etc., you could bring up a hologram of your home and immediately see how those decisions will integrate into the 3D model? […]

Influencer Marketing and Organic Search Optimization: A Powerhouse of Results

Influencer marketing is no longer new, but applying tried-and-true search engine optimization techniques to influencer marketing campaigns might be.   Influencer marketing produces the highest ROI of any digital marketing. Yet in the influencer world, I have witnessed a lot of campaigns with a limited focus such as a certain number of likes, shares or saves. […]

Most viral Facebook recipes are too gross to eat

A few days ago, PopSugar’s food blog shared a Facebook video recipe for “Wine and Cheese Shots.” It sounds bad even before you know the worst part: the shot glasses are made of cheese. All you do is melt a bunch of cheddar cheese, scoop the gooey mess into a shot glass mold, and then […]

How Our Brains Respond to Different Content Formats

If you’re a brand with information to share, how should you package it? The answer depends on how you want readers to process your content. According to a new infographic from Main Path Marketing, different types of content affect our brains in different ways—and also influence what we do next.The Summary:  If you want to build […]