Thanks to the Verge and Reddit user MalletsDarker for bringing a chuckle to my Friday. I wouldn’t call this Mountain Giant “Sasquatch,” but it definitely is a rare sighting. Image technology does offer us many beautiful moments, and occasionally, some funny distorted ones too. 

And sometimes, they give us superpowers.

He’s just invisible, that’s all

For the Mountain Giant, MalletsDarker explains how this delightful mistake came to be. 

MalletsDarker shared the source images that Google Photos had combined together as a panorama, a feature that the software will automatically offer to you if it notices the images were taken near one another. He took three pictures: one with two friends, one of the snowy landscape, and one of the trees in a distance. In the photo of his friend, Google Photos managed to wipe out one person in the shot, artfully cropping her from the helmet down and replacing her with more trees and snow. The end result is reminiscent of Screaming Cowboy, Canadian edition. – Reddit

For more of these pano-whoopsies, head on over to this Reddit thread, Panoramics Gone Wrong.

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