Panoramas gone wrong

Thanks to the Verge and Reddit user MalletsDarker for bringing a chuckle to my Friday. I wouldn’t call this Mountain Giant “Sasquatch,” but it definitely is a rare sighting. Image technology does offer us many beautiful moments, and occasionally, some funny distorted ones too.  And sometimes, they give us superpowers. He’s just invisible, that’s all […]

Every Morning, 86-Year-Old Tailor Goes To Work In Different Outfit, Photographer Spends 3 Years Capturing It

Think you’re stylish? Then you haven’t met Ali. He might be 86 years old but he still cuts a dapper figure on the streets of Berlin. The Turkish/German octogenarian caught the eye of photographer Zoe Spawton back in 2012 when he kept walking past her workplace every day. Ali moved to Germany from Turkey more […]

Google has added an eraser for bleak skies in Photos

So Google has updated its Photos app, and one of the most peculiar new features is a slider called “Deep blue.” It’s one small part of a vastly expanded suite of color adjustments added to Google’s built-in photo editor, and at first I couldn’t understand what it was for. It did nothing when I swung […]