Ever wonder how you can use your insta-purchase Amazon app for something more necessary than a new gadget you saw on Instagram? 

How about sending some socks to someone who really needs them, like a homeless person on the streets near where you live?

Rob Bliss, this story’s “good samaritan,” hacked how to deliver kindness for the homeless using apps. Because Amazon Prime can deliver some goods within hours, Rob has taken the act of seeing a need and actually filling it to a new, digital level.

Say you’re on your way to work and you find someone who could really use a sleeping bag. One, where are you going to find one of those. And two, even if you find it, buy it, and deliver it aren’t you now gonna be late? So you end up with thousands of people walking by a guy with no socks on in the middle of December.

The cold and nearly possession-less need warmth and humanity this time of year. Whether you give to the homeless or the needy, someone else’s generosity can serve as as a good reminder of how many creative ways there are to reach out and help someone. 

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