This app turns any drawing or object into animation instantly

One of a kind in the world, Xiaoxiaoniu’s patented Wonder Painterâ„¢ technology turns anything into a vivid cartoon animation (2D and 3D) at a click of your camera.  Step 1: Draw something, make something (clay, origami, building blocks…), or find something (toy, picture book…).  Step 2: Take a photo of it – it comes alive! […]

Google Launches AutoDraw To Bring Out The Artist In You

I’m hopeless for drawing. I don’t think this will help me. Should be good for people who I ask to help me. Unfortunately, not everyone is good at making art, but Google has something for those who aren’t. On Wednesday, the search giant launched a new web-based drawing tool dubbed AutoDraw that uses both machine […]

Crayola Gets Edgy With Art

Crayola’s “Art With Edge” social campaign helped the creative brand experience some of its largest growth online during the three-week initiative. Developed with Red Interactive Agency, the concept was designed to relieve stress for college students during finals and mid-terms by creating “surprise and delight moments.” After students expressed their feelings across social media, Crayola […]

Man-Made Rainbow Trapped Inside This Gallery Is Made Of 1000s Of Colored Threads

The Great Gallery of Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio, is usually filled with classic art pieces that date back decades and even hundreds of years back. But now it’s been refreshed by this gorgeous man-made rainbow placed right in the middle of it. The artist behind it is Gabriel Dawe, a Mexican-born creator who specializes […]

Clever Wall Lamps Turn Into Animals When Switched On

Tel Aviv-based designer Chen Bikovski creates minimalist light fixtures that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also hide a little trick inside. The magic lies in one simple flip of the switch and the wall lamps turn into animals, creating a “wow effect” that is inspired by designer’s childhood memories. “Since I was a child, […]