Need to add AI to your App? Just log into AWS for instant #deeplearning

Amazon AI services bring natural language understanding (NLU), automatic speech recognition (ASR), visual search and image recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), and machine learning (ML) technologies within the reach of every developer. Based on the same proven, highly scalable products and services built by the thousands of deep learning and machine learning experts across Amazon, Amazon AI […]

Google is now letting you get”personal’ with its search results

Why it matters to you The new filter should come in handy for a speedy search of your own Google content. If you’re heavily invested in Google’s suiteĀ of web-based tools, then a recently launched feature may come in handy when you’re trying to hunt down a particular piece of data. We’re talking about a new […]

Google Launches AutoDraw To Bring Out The Artist In You

I’m hopeless for drawing. I don’t think this will help me. Should be good for people who I ask to help me. Unfortunately, not everyone is good at making art, but Google has something for those who aren’t. On Wednesday, the search giant launched a new web-based drawing tool dubbed AutoDraw that uses both machine […]

Google’s DeepMind makes AI program that can learn like a human

I don’t know what to think about this. I’m going to need to consult my computer Researchers have overcome one of the major stumbling blocks in artificial intelligence with a program that can learn one task after another using skills it acquires on the way. Developed by Google’s AI company, DeepMind, the program has taken […]

This Google AI experiment is fun to play

No matter how bad you draw, you’ll like this game that shows how Google AI learns.  Watch this video to learn in a minute, then play it yourself Can a neural network learn to recognize doodles? Help teach it by adding your drawings to the world’s largest doodle data set, which could be shared publicly to help with machine learning research in […]

Traders are out, computer engineers are in, as Goldman Sachs goes digital

Expert systems with computational power a trillion times the power of a human brain will begin to replace professionals in law, finance and medicine. Machine are stronger and soon to be smarter.  How we respond will undoubtedly shape the future of what it means to work. Here’s a case where traders are being replaced by […]