I’m hopeless for drawing. I don’t think this will help me. Should be good for people who I ask to help me.

Unfortunately, not everyone is good at making art, but Google has something for those who aren’t. On Wednesday, the search giant launched a new web-based drawing tool dubbed AutoDraw that uses both machine learning and drawings from artists to assist people with improving their art.

If you are not much of a creative person and do not have time or patience but like doing drawings, then AutoDraw is ideal for you. The application will help users create more legible drawings by using the same artificial intelligence technology that the internet giant uses in its QuickDraw.

Google is taking is AI systems and applying them to artwork to make drawing simpler for everyone. Sketches and doodles are first matched with Google’s existing database of clipart. Then it gives suggestions to users to choose from the actual or closest image they were attempting to draw.

The app works by providing a blank canvas similar to Microsoft Paint, and a user can use their finger, stylus or mouse to draw lines. Users are free to use different colors on the canvas, a paint bucket for filling, or text to write something, and pre-determined shapes can also be added to the canvas.

For users who want help, Google’s AI system tries to identify what is being made and offers a better version of it. The resulting image will be saved, and users can share it, download it or use it anywhere or however they want.

Google again using AI to make you better

This app is not like those coloring applications that allow the user to color on the digital blank page of the screen. The tool is great for artists who already use their smartphones or tablets to draw with a stylus or their fingers. In addition, it will make drawing simpler by saving art as a digital file for other purposes. This means that the user does not have to scan a paper.

Users can doodle or draw anything and see if there is any suggestion that they can use from some of the best artists, designers, and illustrators that the internet giant has tapped. The designers include Simone Noronha, Pei Liew, Erin Butner and Tori Hinn, while the company has hired Julia Melograna as an illustrator. As for design and creative studios, the search giant has selected HAWRAF and Selman Design.

Google’s web-based drawing tool can work on smartphones, tablets and computers. AutoDraw, which is being marketed as “fast drawing for everyone,” is absolutely free. This is Google’s most recent artificial intelligence-based experiment.

Google’s previous attempts with AI include: QuickDraw, which attempts to guess what the user is drawing; Giorgio Cam, which turns pictures into songs; Thing Translator, which aids users with identifying an object in a different language using photographs; The Infinite Drum Machine, which can be used to make beats; and A.I. Duet.

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