Twitter gets a bad rap for the “noise factor” 
Reminds me of the “3 Stages of Twitter Acceptance” I taught when Twitter was new. It applies to all technology, but I used Twitter as an example
STAGE ONE: “Why should I care?”
STAGE TWO: “I need to push out a message and/or get some followers”
STAGE THREE: “How did I live without this?”
I’ve been at STAGE THREE for nearly a decade, even before we wrote the first book about it. “Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing are Changing the Way We Do Business” while some friends who were heavy users back then have dropped most use, or given in to using a feed of posts from elsewhere. 

The Chat on #Fakenews

About a dozen participants jumped in. There was no hashtag, just this thread. One of several tonight on my profile page.

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