How Facebook, fake news and friends are warping your memory

Strange things have been happening in the news lately. Already this year, members of US President Donald Trump’s administration have alluded to a ‘Bowling Green massacre’ and terror attacks in Sweden and Atlanta, Georgia, that never happened. The misinformation was swiftly corrected, but some historical myths have proved difficult to erase. Since at least 2010, […]

Despite Media Freak-Out, Data Shows Fake News Sites Have Tiny Audience

USDespite a media blitz portraying fake news sites as having a real impact in national politics — and even capable of affecting the outcome of a presidential election — fake news sites struggle to reach any sort of real audience. Fake news site, subject of coverage from the New York Times and the Washington […]

What to do about #FakeNews – Twitter chat

Twitter gets a bad rap for the “noise factor”  Reminds me of the “3 Stages of Twitter Acceptance” I taught when Twitter was new. It applies to all technology, but I used Twitter as an example STAGE ONE: “Why should I care?” STAGE TWO: “I need to push out a message and/or get some followers” STAGE THREE: […]

It took only 36 hours for these students to solve Facebook’s fake-news problem

Facebook is facing increasing criticism over its role in the 2016 US presidential election because it allowed propaganda lies disguised as news stories to spread on the social-media site unchecked. The spreading of false information during the election cycle was so bad that President Barack Obama called Facebook a “dust cloud of nonsense.” And Business […]