128 Things that will disappear in the driverless car era

There’s a significant difference between a driverless car and a fully autonomous vehicle. We already have a number of vehicles on the road today with driverless features, but that’s only a small step towards the no-steering-wheel type of driverless car many are imagining. As we move further into the fully autonomous car era, we also […]

Animal Shelter Partners With Elderly Care Facility To Save Both Orphaned Kittens And Elders

When an animal shelter in Arizona needed extra help taking care of the newborn kittens, they made an unexpected decision and turned to a senior care facility for help. “To some, it may seem peculiar at first: Residents who are in need of around-the-clock care themselves, given the task to care for these young kittens,” […]

Here Comes The Boom Supersonic Plane

Imagine being able to travel from Los Angeles to New York in half the time. What would normally be a grueling six hour ordeal could be a mere three hour excursion. You’d only have to watch one movie and extra leg room wouldn’t even be necessary. This dream could soon be a reality thanks to […]

Indiegogo enlists MicroVentures for a new investment platform

For sites like Indiegogo, supporting a project generally means a pat on the back, a t-shirt or, best-case scenario, an early delivery of whatever it is that company is selling. Leveraging a recently passed securities rule signed into law by President Obama some six months back (part of the 2012 JOBS Act) that lowers the […]

Google has added an eraser for bleak skies in Photos

So Google has updated its Photos app, and one of the most peculiar new features is a slider called “Deep blue.” It’s one small part of a vastly expanded suite of color adjustments added to Google’s built-in photo editor, and at first I couldn’t understand what it was for. It did nothing when I swung […]

Photographer Spent 3 Years Trying To Get His First Shot Of Seals On Ice, Until He Met This Pup…

Alexey Trofimov spent 3 years trying to get his first shoot of seals on the ice, as these cute animals are really shy, cautious, and difficult to photograph. “If a seal pup is not too scared, they will begin to become curious about you and this is what this seal was doing,” Trofimov told Caters […]

Say “Hello” to the World’s First Large-Scale Tidal Power Farm

In Brief Scotland unveiled the first turbine for the MeyGen tidal stream project, the world’s first large-scale tidal energy farm. The project will initially install four turbines, but will eventually have 269 turbines, enough to power 175,000 homes. A turbine designed to generate electricity from the tides at Scotland’s north coast was revealed by its […]

What Do People Order at Cocktail Bars?

The cocktail is arguably the greatest of America’s early cultural inventions.  The martini, cosmopolitan and, long island iced tea are not just nice ways to get a buzz—they represent the beginning of an American aesthetic. The cocktail historian David Wondrich writes “that [a] facility with mixing drink was the first legitimate culinary art, and the […]

President Barack Obama Says, “This Is What a Feminist Looks Like”

There are a lot of tough aspects to being President. But there are some perks too. Meeting extraordinary people across the country. Holding an office where you get to make a difference in the life of our nation. Air Force One. But perhaps the greatest unexpected gift of this job has been living above the […]