How blockchain can restore trust in trade

I talk about blockchain a lot. I see how it can be used in every database we have, and replace most accounting and audits.  Most people I talk to say “What’s blockchain”… those that recognize the word mostly assuming I’m talking about cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. That’s a interesting story. Blockchain has roots in currency, but […]

Unity Is Expanding To Deliver VR And AR Beyond Gaming

VR and AR for programmers is a paradigm shift. We can assume that it will become possible for anyone putting on a headset to design their own reality. That alone brings infinite possibilities. by Jamie Feltham via The arrival or VR and AR headsets means big things for videogame development engines like Unity, including […]

TV May Actually Die Soon -Stay Tuned

FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google/YouTube) is about to take a huge bite out of traditional network TV (ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox), and the media business will never be the same. To understand how profound the implications of the recently announced NFL on Amazon Prime or YouTube TV are, it may help to understand the […]